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Most likely to get a speeding ticket? A third version we've seen floating around has the following questions:• Most likely to have triplets?• Most likely to forget an important event? Who is most likely to eat something gross on a dare? Drink milk from the carton? Who is most likely to have special dietary requirements? Who would most likely sleepwalk? Who is most likely to complete a Guinness wold record? Most likely to hide a stray dog? Who has the cleaner car? Add some excitement into the hen party or wedding with the Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions, the perfect extra that everyone will love.

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Most likely to get kicked out of the house? Most likely to marry a celebrity?• Who is most likely to get into a fight over road rage• Kick-off your party with some offbeat game questions for a bridal shower or wedding reception party and spread some laughter here.

60 Most Likely to Questions That Are Funny

Who is most likely to have a Christmas Spotify playlist? Because let's face it: Some people just aren't good at remembering dates — and relationships may be influenced by differences in memory.

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Most likely to forget their wedding anniversary?• Who is most likely to be tired of their partner after two weeks? Question: What is one weird habit of the Bride? Between us, who is most likely to become a famous person and tell us why? Most likely to do house chores? Who would drive on a road trip?• Question: Who is never wrong? Because roses are red, though violets are really purple.

52 Wedding Shoe Game Questions You Need to Ask

So try out these funny Most Likely To questions in any social setting: Here are 3 funny most likely to questions to ask: 34.

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Most likely to end the friendship? Worst habit of your partner?• Wear shorts in the winter? Who is the most stubborn? Who is the most likely to get busted at work for looking at porn? 'What Did The Groom Say? You might also like: Contents• Most likely to get arrested at the wedding? The options are endless, so be creative! Who is well on the way to be cordial with creatures? Many single people especially the kind that crush on each other play this game because it gives everyone the opportunity to embarrass each other, flirt with everyone, and crack some jokes that are sure to leave your ribs sore.

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Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! Most likely to be part of a cool band? Who is the best with children? Who is most likely to get a divorce less than a week into her marriage? Most likely to eat their birthday cake alone?• You each draw a card of questions or choose from a list on your device and then announce it out loud.

52 Wedding Shoe Game Questions You Need to Ask

Who would most likely be a philanthropist? Who is the most likely to be the best in math? Wish they had a unicorn? Most likely to binge-watch a movie, a night to an important exam?• Who is most likely to get a freaky tattoo? Where would you most like to go on vacation? Who watches the most TV?• Most likely to get married on the moon?• Where did you meet each other?• Most likely to elope with a lover?• Most likely to be the first to get drunk on a night out?• Who is most likely to be friend-zoned after a terrible kiss? Who is most likely to fake their death? It might be time to change that.

60 Most Likely to Questions That Are Funny


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Who is the most likely to run away to join the circus? In other words, don't ask anything you wouldn't want to be asked in front of your family and friends.