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Chloe Grace Moretz And Her Stunning Feet

During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she choked back the tears and revealed, "I just feel like I've been dealing with anxiety for so long.

10 Celebs Part Of Chloe Grace Moretz's Circle (10 She'd Never Let In)

Do you know enough about Chloe Grace Moretz now? For the website Motto, the 19-year-old star revealed she had not always been so confident with her own body.

15 Horrifying Yoga Pant Fails You Can't Unsee

The Les Miserables actress held a cardboard sign in front of her face that had clear details of her charity of choice and how people could donate- the same moved was used by Emma Stone and her then-boyfriend, actor Andrew Garfield.

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How old is Chloe Grace Moretz now? Hobbies: Listening Music, Playing Football• Why not sit back, slow down, realize I'm 19 and go, 'Hey, let's make stuff that really, really hits hard with who I am and helps me figure out what it means to be a 19-year-old actor who is just doing her thing.

Chloe Moretz on Why Shadow in the Cloud Is One of Her Toughest Roles

The actor trains to shake off his own personal demons, he battled with drink and drug addiction during a painful divorce from his second wife, supermodel Carre Otis, in the late 90s.

15 Horrifying Yoga Pant Fails You Can't Unsee

There are few words that would describe this type of a beauty within the universe.

Chloë Grace Moretz

It was recently announced that the 18-year-old actress in the upcoming Neighbors sequel with.

Chloe Moretz on Why Shadow in the Cloud Is One of Her Toughest Roles

Jordan are actually quite close friends! As a mere 1-year-old, she starred in yet another paranormal movie The Eye and then had an important role in the film The Poker House.

Chloë Grace Moretz Enjoys a Weekend at Parker Palm Springs

We adore this friendship just as much as you do too! However, there can be times when the lycra material might be a little too tight and show off more than we ever expected.

20 Pics Of Chloe Grace Moretz Proving She Grew Up Too Fast

Click through to see the best naked dresses of all time.

Chloë Grace Moretz

She soon got to star in a very popular TV show called Desperate Housewives.