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Grades 2-5, Use a blender and a magnet to find out how much iron is in different kinds of breakfast cereal.

Winning Science Fair Projects [Get Inspired By Past Winners!]

Grades 9-12, How does the ecological footprint work? Ethanol Based Jatropha Biodiesel Evaluate a fuel mixture of Ethanol and Hydrogen Peroxide Ethanol produced by fermenting waste materials.

Award Winning High School (9

Development of a Novel Quantum Dot-Aptamer Bioconjugate Targeted Cancer Therapy A flashlight that runs solely on the heat of the human hand Computer-aided Discovery of Novel Influenza Endonuclease Inhibitors to Combat Flu Pandemic Novel Antibiotics in mango ginger Curcuma amada Sand filters and the biodegradation of toxic naphthenic acids in tailings ponds Strategies for promoting and protecting biodiversity Using microorganisms green algae to bioremediate a source of waste water Squid-Jet, a bio-inspired underwater vehicle that uses jet propulsion The effect of airplane shape, wing shape and wing size on its aerodynamics lift using a wind tunnel.

Award Winning Science Fair Projects by Topic and Grade Level

Can a low-carb diet change cardiovascular markers? Investigate ways to prolong the operational lifespan of dye sensitized solar cells DSSCs Biogas production from jatropha seed cake and cow dung Compare the energy efficiency of biofuels and fossil fuels.

9th Grade Science Fair Projects

Or, maybe an alternative approach.

Award Winning High School (9

Do different types of toilet paper have different absorption properties? Grades 6-8, Can people tell the difference between a fake smile and a real one? Could you solve one with your own science fair project? "9th Grade Science Fair Projects.

Winning Science Fair Projects [Get Inspired By Past Winners!]

Geothermal energy efficiency and negative effects on the environment.

23 Winning 9th Grade Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

Which brand of bath bomb dissolves the fastest? How does air pollution and weather effect solar cell output? Which fruit generates the most electricity? The Chances of Guessing Correctly on a Multiple Choice Exam What is a prime number? Predict how to position solar cells for maximum conversion.

Winning Science Fair Projects [Get Inspired By Past Winners!]

Find out the fastest way to get your tall cold drink.