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The images were broadcast on a live feed of the trial during a court recess; the network that showed the images has yet to offer an explanation for how or why.

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Arias, 32, accused of stabbing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander 'because he wanted to date another woman'• 'Obsessed': Arias, 32, allegedly stabbed Travis Alexander, pictured, 27 times and shot him in the head It is just one of many photographs shown by prosecutors in the murder trial of the 32-year-old photographer accused of killing her one-time boyfriend, a Mormon motivational speaker.

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Date Arrested: July 15, 2008 Jodi Ann Arias and Travis Victor Alexander Relationship Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander started dating in February 2007; they however met in September 2006.

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In fact, she had spent the previous day with Alexander, eventually murdering him out of 'self defense', she claims.

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' The portrayal builds on that suggested on Wednesday when another former flame, Ryan Burns, revealed Arias had lied about cuts to her hands when she arrived at his home 24 hours later.

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Jodi Arias sobs as court sees sexually explicit photos of her with ex-boyfriend hours before he was stabbed and shot to death• Police told the court today that the burglary appeared 'odd' because only one gun was stolen out of four and piles of coins had not been taken.