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ARK: Survival Evolved adult mods?

IMPORTANT-I want to inform everyone that I Sam will stop working on this mod, which means no new updates will be coming to this version of the mod.


Fixed a bug which allowed the Zero G buff to persist outside of the space biome• Fixed a bug where certain creature abilities would not work when the game is run different languages• Fixed a bug where the would reset to primitive quality after server restarts• Fixed some more edge cases where mission data could have been lost• immunity cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 30 seconds• The game still has much potential though, but the learning curve is pretty steep I've been using UE4 for about 8 months now and this stuff is complicated by the fact that the game has very large structures and templates of its own.

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Thankfully my good friend SamKO was willing to take over the mod and to actively fix issues as they are reported.

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Are there any bust slider mod, buttock slider mod, lingerie mod, sex mod, pubic hair mod? After gaining the power of the divine weapon, she was able to repel the angles.


I've never used the steam workshop for anything, but I still think its best to avoid using it for this stuff in case someone reports the files, or so they are kept out of the sight young impressionable minds.

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Fixed a bug where the was always in its default animation• Prevented being able to drop eggs in the non-overworld Mission zones such as Survive The ARK• Race missions prep time has been doubled• Now you can play the game single player just fine with no problem hell you can host your own private server and play no problem.


Edited July 30, 2015 by MobianAngel So I know you say its a multiplayer game and that is why you don't think it would happen.

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The devs never bothered to makle ai for human characters but if their controller is accessible in their version of UE you can make aicontrollers to possesses humans placed in the world through the map editor.

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Fixed a bug where wouldn't regenerate health on killing fish• Using that new skeleton you can create a new dummy pawn and put in states for whatever you need, changing positions, and a control system for the camera; this pawn must have its movement locked so you aren't able to move both characters around in the middle of a scene.

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-There will be a new version out sometime in the future under a new steam account and will start as a 1:1 copy of this mod, so switching the mods will be safe and no items will be lost.