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Icebreaker Questions to Get to Know Your Students



Even if you're not interested in the person, this can lead to a great conversation.

Getting to Know Your Students

Who is your favourite character?• Do you know anyone who still uses an old brick phone? A lot can go wrong when technology is involved? "Be careful with asking questions of a sexual nature too early," she advises.

ESL Conversation Questions

Do you ever think about retirement and getting older? Students are much more likely to be motivated and engaged if they are learning things that they enjoy and are interested in.

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Do you think people fall in love because the right person has arrived, or because the time is right regardless of whom the person is that they fall in love with? What is the funniest name in the Bible? What would I change if I were the most influential person in the world? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What has been the best decision you've ever made? What book and movie spoke to you, and in what way? Free training: Conversation skills for overthinkers• What is something that people do that you think is rude? Why are we interested in stories of people having wishes?• What are you hilariously bad at? Would you rather be without internet for a week, or without your phone? Have you ever met anyone famous? What kind of video game system do you have? Would you rather be a world-famous pro-MMA athlete or the president of a country? They are light-hearted and fun that will help your team feel connected.

45 Great Getting to Know You Questions

These are helpful primers, but follow the course that the conversation takes.

222 Questions to Get to Know Someone (Casual to Personal)

If you were given a million dollars today, how would you spend it within three days? Basic business vocabulary, chemistry, history, politics, internet security, you name it, Crash Course has got it.

222 Questions to Get to Know Someone (Casual to Personal)

Dive Deeper with These Questions Sometimes keeping the conversation going with those you love is hard.

Getting to know you conversation questions

Do you wish to be famous? What advice would you give to a family member who was thinking of getting an abortion?• From the awkward nerd to the school jock, what was your partner like in high school? Yes, they are different things.

ESL and EFL Conversation Activities

When is the most relaxing part of the day for you? Icebreakers engage the group in early conversation within their individual comfort zones.

ESL and EFL Conversation Activities

How many rooms does your place have?• Do you ever speak in movie quotes? What is the weakest superpower in a comic book?• What are the names of your pets? If you could live in any sitcom, which one would it be? If you could eliminate one thing from daily routine, what would it be and why? These questions go beyond work-related matters and lighthearted icebreakers don't worry—we'll get to those! What types of things do you pray for? What is your favorite country you have visited? Other relationship experts have described a different set of three stages of intimacy in relationships:• Do you tend to go with your gut instinct, or do you think through decisions rationally before arriving at a conclusion? What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why? This shows just how important intimacy is for keeping couples together and why you should be interested in 101 intimate questions to ask your partner.

40+ Hilarious Questions to Really Get to Know Someone

Does your family have any weird traditions? How many serious relationships have you had in the past? This YouTube channel features 10 min basic instructional videos on just about anything you can think of.